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Is freedom what you seek?

The key to freedom is at your fingertips!
True freedom is knowing that it's in your hands.

I'm Margaret

There comes a point when you throw you hands up knowing that somewhere, somehow something's gotta give!

My mother's 'go to phrase' that justified the struggle that she faced in her life, and

probably kept her functioning as a mother and the wife of an alcoholic war veteran who immigrated alone to a country half way around the world was "LIfe wasn't meant to be easy!"

Every cell in my body railed against this statement, I wanted to yell 'That's not true Mumma!" as I played in the new mown grass and ate the warm apples in the branches of one of apple orchard trees.  But I look back now and understand her daily struggle and admire the woman who single-handedly kept our family thriving and built sense of purpose and resilience.

Dysfunction and resentment breeds dysfunction, helplessness and despair. Out of that was born my  desire to ensure that others didn't need to live with desparation and lack of transparency, hope and direction. 


Out of the realisation that there was another way came a signpost in the mist ......

Hypnotherapist Margaret Hunt

With over 35 years of experience in Hypnotherapy & Counselling, I offer one-of-a-kind parenting programs, and drug-free healing therapies that transform, empower & enrich the lives of my clients.  By engaging in my programs or booking one of my one on one therapies you change your thinking patterns and increase your coping skills and literally change your life

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whether it's parenting, relationships, life purpose or just moving ahead, if you're stuck then old patterns are controlling your life!  unless you confront them and master them then you will pass them on to your children ...

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