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Get the tools you need to wake up smiling
and enjoy a happy family in a heartbeat.

A revolutionary program to help your children self-regulate and navigate their feelings  

Introducing the new way to minimise meltdowns
“Happy Families in a Heartbeat”
Calm, confident parenting in just 15 minutes a day.

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Bite-sized daily connections with simple practices to help you navigate your own emotions and parent from a calm and centred space to:

  • develop a deeper connection to your children

  • experience & understand  what your child is dealing with

  • instantly identify and address your own feelings

  • identify your own child’s reactions and assist them to self-calm

  • help your children to cope with their ‘big’ feelings

  • create a space of peaceful, calm centred alignment for your family

Life is demanding: but I know this is
important to you.  So…

I understand how time and attention-poor parents usually feel, so this program includes:

  • Seven x 15 min compacted group workshops delivered over 2 weeks (Worth $525)

  • One insightful wisdom per workshop

  • One practical tool per workshop

  • A recap and replay of each daily workshop available for later

  • An extra 15 minutes are available after the session for Q & A discussion for those who desire it

  • One downloadable 5-minute mini-meditation per day (Worth $70)

  • One (one on one) mentoring session with Margaret (Worth $130)

  • Free access to resources and information .... and

  • An invitation to an intimate Facebook community of like-minded parents on a similar journey

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happy families.jpg

You get $725 + worth of value for just $222

Join us to get the tools for more connection and a calmer home in just 15-minutes a day over 7 days.
You will be surprised how much can change in just a week. I can't wait to show you.

If you are still reading this then you are looking for something to change. If you don't take some form of action now - how will your life be 12 months from now?

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