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The Matrilineal Cord
Restoring the primal umbilical cord
through mother and daughter to the Great Earth Mother

do you yearn for
deeper connections?

Maybe you feel a subtle tug at your heart, an unspoken yearning for a deeper connection with your mother or daughter. Are you navigating the labyrinth of life, seeking to untangle the threads that bind you to generations past and future? Join us for a transformative journey unlike any other - The Matrilineal Cord Workshop.

All Hands In

we begin by looking
at our core

In the heart of this six-hour immersive experience, we delve into the sacred tapestry of the maternal bond, exploring the intricate threads that weave us together with Mother Earth herself. Guided by seasoned facilitators and nurtured by the collective wisdom of our sisterhood, we embark on a profound quest to restore, rejuvenate, and revere the timeless connection between mothers and daughters.

restoring our
deepest bond

Through a blend of introspective exercises, guided meditations, storytelling, and ritualistic practices, we unearth the layers of our ancestral lineage, embracing the wisdom of our foremothers and honoring the resilience that flows through our veins. Together, we unravel the knots of misunderstanding, resentment, and distance, gently weaving a new narrative of love, forgiveness, and understanding.

Image by Omar Lopez

our birthright

As we journey through the labyrinth of our shared experiences, we draw inspiration from the very essence of Mother Earth, learning to embody her nurturing spirit, her boundless strength, and her unwavering grace. With each breath, we reclaim our birthright as daughters of the Earth, embracing the profound truth that we are never truly alone - for the roots of our existence run deep within her soil.


Margaret, mother, grandmother and Shamanic facilitator  will share the privilege 

of guiding and facilitating with guest facilitators dedicated to nurturing  and growing sisterhood.


Guest co-facilitators, chosen from our sisterhood and women's communities will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the  Matrilineal Cord workshops and retreats.


  1.  time in nature

  2.  nourishing food

  3.  deep conversations

  4. guided meditations

  5. meaningful ceremony

  6. practical exercises

  7. art therapy

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what do you pay?

- because we have been
where you are

This all inclusive workshop

is offered to you for

what you can pay.

We ask for a minimum payment of $60

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