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Customised Meditative Stories for Highly Sensitive Souls

Our highly sensitive children are exhibiting behaviours, qualities and thinking far beyond most of our expectations. Based on each of your child’s unique qualities, traits and interests as well as their unique numerology profile, I design and record meditative adventure stories that can help them to understand themselves and where they fit into a world that is lagging behind them.  Our children need to be respected for their extraordinary differences and they need to be heard and assisted to find their own best way of expressing, not repressing, themselves.

These children are generally...




highly sensitive



easily frustrated

difficult to understand

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“My grandson’s attraction to your meditation audio’s is 3 -fold. Firstly he loved that the meditations were designed just for him, secondly he loved the adventure, and that he could travel, even though it was a meditation and lastly he finishes his journeys and feels very grounded and calm.”  Linda T Vic.

What is happening in our sensitive child’s world?

There is such an inherent beauty, sweetness and sensitivity in our children today that can often be unapparent to an outside world that, many times, are only exposed to the behaviours arising from a highly sensitive child’s reaction to an uncomfortable world that doesn't hear them  This uncertain world, that often neither accepts nor understands our child's needs, can be difficult to navigate as we try to help them feel a sense of belonging and connection within it. 

Our highly sensitive children know from an early age that they are different and are often defenceless, and humiliated by, peer rejection and humiliation as well as bullying and social isolation. We begin to see the emergence of anxiety, frustration, loneliness and sadness from an early age and, although we find it difficult to express this to others, finding ways to support and nurture our sensitive children can be heart-breaking.

How can meditation help your sensitive child? 

Our highly sensitive children are often diagnosed somewhere on the autism spectrum, this is how the world explains the complex issues that these children present and deal with.

There is a limited but growing body of evidence and promising research reporting that meditation can lower anxiety, depression and help with socialisation and interaction with other people. Evidence also identifies that it can help children with tools to function in their world.

Further evidence indicates meditation can help children to experience their sensory world a little easier, and to understand, express and articulate their emotions which helps us as parents to step into their world. This offers us ways then to manage our emotions and give us the space to hear how they interpret their world.


Perhaps it will help our sensitive children to recognise their emotional responses to stimuli and, subsequently, assist them to make appropriate choices about how to act on those responses. We are seeing that meditation also helps our sensitive children with self-regulation.









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Our highly sensitive children are...

  • intelligent

  • challenged in understanding and processing language

  • often misunderstood

And often...

  • have difficulty understanding and relating to other people

  • have single, highly focussed interests and activities

  • see the world as an unpredictable and confusing place

  • have acute sensitivity to light, sound, touch, taste, smells, temperature and pain

Looking through a different lens.

The information here is designed as an aid to assist you and your child to navigate their feelings (which are often very big) and to recognise their own unique qualities, gifts and behaviours that the outer world is only beginning to recognise. Your child’s numerology profile provides a clear, objective way of understanding their life path, I design the stories based on insights that come to me while mapping the specific number sequences of hos birthdate and name.

Numerology and the children of the 21st century

The coming of the 21st Century has heralded a fascinating difference in the children who have been born into the world since 2000.  One of my areas of interest and expertise is Numerology, the study of numbers, cycles, patterns and directions that govern a person’s trajectory and journey through life.  Numbers indicate unique characteristics, talents, traits and gifts that give us insights on where we might place our focus and what strengths and weaknesses accompany them and hints to deal with and direct them.  

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