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Give your child the tools to feel calm and centred whenever they need it

With their very own personalised meditative adventure stories

If you’re like a lot of parents, there are times when things just get crazy

You know your highly sensitive child is overwhelmed, and you wish there was a way to help them.


Whether your child is highly sensitive, neurodiverse or has been diagnosed with mental health disorders, it’s heartbreaking seeing them struggle.

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So just imagine if you had a simple tool to help your child whenever you need it

If you’re like most parents of highly sensitive children, you’d do anything to help your child feel more calm and in control. 


And there’s a proven technique that adults have been using for years: meditation. Paediatricians are now discovering how beneficial it is for our kids: 

“Research shows the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices for ADHD, ASD, social anxiety, depression, school performance, sleep and behavioural problems.”

But when it comes to kids, most of the meditations out there are long, boring and not made for them.

Introducing personal meditative adventure stories for highly sensitive children

Picture this: your child having a quick, easy tool they can use to:

  • develop resilience

  • self-calm

  • self-regulate

  • understand themselves

  • tolerate others

  • increase focus

With their very own set of Meditative Adventure Stories, your child will feel more calm, refreshed and centred in minutes.

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What parents and children are saying

It's so quiet after her stories, you feel so refreshed.


This is a must for kids with anxiety, sleeping problems and/or self regulating emotions


“These meditations have been a godsend and have helped my children immensely when nothing else has worked. My son is now able to self-regulate, calms much quicker and can ignore outside distractions more easily. My daughter sleeps much easier after listening to the meditations they help her self-calm and slow her mind.”

Lauren, Mum

Your stories calm them and help them feel more connected to Mother Nature


The boys absolutely love these stories, their eyes light up when they hear you saying their names then they love that you take them on a magical journey. Your stories calm them and help them feel more connected to Mother Nature. I highly recommend these wonderful stories.

Ali, Mum

They're peaceful, calm me down and they're really nice to listen to



A message from Margaret

I’m a mum and grandmother with over 30 years of counselling and hypnotherapy experience, so I get it. In fact, my three children are highly sensitive.

So many times (years ago now) as a mum I had moments of total overwhelm. My kids were melting down, I would go into hiding, and I wished someone (anyone!) could help. That’s when my passion to help parents was born.

Over the past few years I started working with highly sensitive children, many diagnosed with a range of mental health conditions. One day I was working with Linda, a grandmother of a highly sensitive child diagnosed with ODD, ADHD and Autism. We were doing a meditation together when her grandson joined us.

Callum loved it, and asked if he could keep coming to our meditations. I knew that Callum would love his own meditations, so I created one for him.

With Callum’s feedback and encouragement (“don’t use the word therapeutic, Margaret, we hate it!”), I developed these meditations into adventure stories. After sharing them with more parents and carers, I realised how much they helped both the children and parents.

Because kids love being the star of their own story AND they’re benefitting from meditation.

I’d love to help you and your child find more balance with their very own set of stories. Keep reading to find out more. 

Much love from

Magic Margaret x

Listen to a sample

Here is what you will get

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Personalised Meditative Adventure Stories

To use whenever your child needs them, with your child as the star of the show - package is negotiable based on need

  • 1 x 30 minute Adventure Story

  • 1 x 15 minute Short Adventure Story

  • 1 x 5 minute Calm Down Story

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A 30-minute 1-on-1 call


We’ll chat via Zoom (video call) and get to know you and your child - who they are, their triggers and what they love. You’ll receive parenting support and guidance from my 40+ years of experience, to help you continue being the best parent you can.  We will discuss need and cost during this chat.

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Personalised profile



My assessment and basis for the stories are based on both our discussion as well as details & insights of your child’s personality and behaviour using the ancient wisdom of numerology, so you can learn how to help them shine.

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It’s $538 worth of value For
$297 for 3 or $150 for 2

You’ll get your very own toolkit to help your child feel calm and centred in minutes. The kind that makes them feel special, held and understood

Read More >

Step 1:

Connection call

We start with a 30-minute 1-on-1 video call to get to know you and your child so I can personalise their stories

Read More >

Step 2:

Personalised profile

You’ll receive insights into your child’s personality and behaviour with their Numerology profile via email

Step 3:

The adventure begins

You’ll receive your three stories each week to share with your child, starting with their 30-minute story

Wondering how it works?

More of what parents and children are saying:

Margaret’s guidance on my parenting journey is priceless..

Margaret has a finely tuned understanding of children. She is deeply intuitive and is able to connect with children in a way that makes the child feel safe, supported and heard. My family has been a part of Margaret’s world for over two decades and I am inconstant awe of her ability to see through the sludge and unearth the gold.  Margaret’s guidance on my parenting journey has been invaluable. I am the parent I am today because of Margaret’s support. I have a deeply loving and respectful bond with my children. They love and trust Margaret dearly.  My girls have grown into strong, resilient, calm and focused people.  The gift that Margaret brings to the world in these meditations is priceless. My wish has always been that every parent and child can have access to Margaret’s work. Now, through ‘Meditative Adventures for Sensitive Souls’ they can.


Realising it was all about her gave her recognition and her power back.

We have listened to the 1st mediation, and Roxy loved it!  She had a candle-lit  bath with essential oils and rose petals from the garden (her idea) we then went and lay in our Zen den very relaxed,  when the meditation first started and she heard her name she looked up, shocked and just smiled! Realising it was all about her gave her recognition and her power back. She did fall asleep after 10 minuets, when she woke up, she asked if she could listen again, so she did so before bed, in the morning she asked  if their were more stories ... As she needs to know what happens next. When I asked what she thought about it, she replied "I like it because it’s connected to nature like me, it’s like a real story with me in it."


Listen to a sample
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