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Guided Meditations

for highly sensitive adults and children


A shadowy cloying mist has settled over those who are living through, or still reeling from, the drastic measures used to contain a pandemic as well as the impacts of major disasters natural, economic and personal that seem to be continually assailing us. Adults and children who were struggling to manage sensitivities, anxiety and depression in their past are experiencing much magnified symptoms now. 


Isolation, disconnection, stress, financial worries, job and business losses are having a detrimental cumulative impact never before seen.

According to data, analysis and recommendations of the OECD addressing the emerging health, economic and societal crisis' "Governments have responded through increased spending on healthcare and by providing unprecedented levels of financial support to both businesses and workers to cushion them from the economic blow of this crisis. However, the time will come when governments will need to focus on putting their finances back on a fair and sustainable footing."


Humanity has an opportunity now to prepare and fortify their emotional, physical and mental bodies by building resilience to live whole-heartedly into their future. These meditations for adults and children are designed to build a bridge into that future.

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