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Margaret Hunt | Soul doctor

Can you deal with everything in your day with calm, open-minded clarity? 


Yes, you can.
Life wasn’t meant to be fraught with destructive disruptions and chaos. Like a flowing river we have the capacity to use our body and mind to navigate the opportunities and challenges that life puts in our path.  
Margaret uses skills honed over 35 years to offer you drug-free treatments and therapies to develop strategies, identify stressors and beliefs that blur thinking, disrupt flow and cloud issues in everyday activities and relationships.


Margaret works to reconnect people to their own innate wisdom and the intelligence of their own bodies helping them to gain insight and perspective to deal with ‘stuff’ going on in their lives. 
Her work as a stress counsellor, holistic hypno and acoustic therapist creates insight into her client’s situations inspiring them to reignite their own inner knowing that over generations has been neglected and, in many cases, superseded by technology and outside influences.  Only then, Margaret believes, can people live to their full potential.


"I have known Margaret Hunt for over twelve years. During this time Margaret has guided me towards understanding the deep dynamics of relationship. Through my work with Margaret, I have completely transformed each and every relationship in my life. I have gained an ever-growing awareness about the purpose of relationships and the role that family, friendship and romantic relationships play in my life. Moreover, I have discovered a profound understanding of my own personal power.
Margaret has a wisdom and a knowing that is far beyond anything found in a text book or counselling course. Margaret's own life experience, her astounding level of personal awareness, and the ease with which she sees the 'bigger picture' enables her to bring depth, clarity and foresight to her work. Margaret is empathetic yet practical, she is intelligent yet heart-centered.
It has been my constant experience that Margaret's natural abilities compliment her extensive professional skills. I am ever grateful that Margaret has walked the pathway with me, amid the love and beauty as well as the fear and challenges. Her support has changed my life."


"“Margaret provides the tools and support to ensure you regain your path when life throws every challenge your way simultaneously. When the turbulence has passed, Margaret also provides the subtle adjustments to trim you for a magnificent flight where you are sure to enjoy the view and gain the perspective to be who you are truly capable of being.”


—  David Whitehouse,
 Managing Director, Wil2Win

"After the 3rd person suggested I meet Margaret Hunt I had to follow this.. wow.. Her session was something between a sound healing, past life regression, blessing ceremony and NLP... I went to a deep place from eons ago and uncovered a core wound I'd been protecting my whole life, Margaret facilitated this to the light for release and I was literally buzzing by the end. So much gratitude for this amazing experience and healing session. Margaret is surely a gifted healer."


—  Teresa Maria Bilowus,
Author and Workshop Facilitator, Dorset U

— Rufus Rogey,
Healer, "Earth Song Healing